Is getting your dog on the scale at the veterinarian’s office a challange?

                                                     yoga amt

For dogs who are  hesitant to get on the scale at the veterinary office or to get your dog started off on the right foot so he/she is easy to get onto the scale…implement the following tip:

1. Use an old yoga mat and teach you dog to go to that mat on command to get a treat or to play tug ( whatever your dog likes). Lets assume you use the word cue/command ” go to mat”

2.  Once he knows the word cue “go to mat” place the mat on different floor types in the house ( wood floors, carpet, linoleum etc….) and practice the command on these floors. If he does well, take the mat outside and practice on grass, cement etc…

3. Set the yoga mat up on some bricks, books, or a somewhat elevated surface so the dog can practice stepping up onto the mat. Give the command, and reward.

4. Take the yoga mat with you to the vet clinic when you DONT have an appointment and practice getting on the scale ( make sure to give him or her the reward he is expecting!)

5. For your next real vet visit, roll up that yoga mat and take it with you and put in on the scale, give the command and reward your dog as the veterinary tech write down the weight.

If you are a veterinarian or anyone who works in a veterinary office, type this up and make a handout and  give it to all of your clients!

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