Why Are We Obsessed With Dog Treats?

16210808-basket-of-fruits-and-vegetables-with-apples-pears-carrots-and-cornWalking down the aisle of any pet store or pet aisle in the grocery store,  you will see many different dog treats. As a society, we need to get away from these “dog treats”  and start using real food to treat our pets. Rather than giving them junk food dog treats, try giving them some small pieces of  fruits or veggies.  ( No garlic, onions, grapes or raisins though!). These fresh whole foods are no doubt healthier for our pets than many of the average dog treats available at stores.  

My dog likes cucumbers and beets:)

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  1. Great idea – though sadly my doggie doesn’t tend to like fruit or veg!! I certainly don’t buy proprietary brands of dog treats, but use hot dogs for ‘expensive’ behaviour, and when I can bring myself to, (am a veggie), make liver cake etc etc. Mind you I’ve never tried her on beet so maybe I can try that, and did read somewhere that kidney beans are quite popular. Any thoughts on the latter?

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