Losing a loved one….

Losing a pet can be devastating. Unfortunately we live in a society where we are expected to bounce back the next day as if nothing ever happened. For many of us, time to grieve is essential. What I want everyone to know is that there are special hotlines out there and counselors that can help you get through the loss of your beloved pet. The following are just a few resources you can access at anytime on this blog in case you, a family member, or a friend, need some extra help and understanding to help get through the grieving process.

If anyone reading this would like to share information about a good local resource you have used, please comment so everyone can benefit from this information.

1. Chicago VMA 630-325-1600

2.Colorado State 970-297-1242

3.Cornell University 607-253-3932

4.University of Illinois: 217-244-2273

5.Michigan State: 517-432-2696

6.The Ohio State: 614-292-1823

7.Tufts University: 508-839-7966

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  1. Hi, I have a local resource for Pet Loss in Newton, NJ. I’m the Director of Bereavement for the Joseph T. Quinlan Bereavement Center and I’m also one of the grief counselors. We have many people use our services for individual counseling on the loss of their pet, as well as attend our Pet Loss Support Groups. You can find more information by visiting http://www.karenannquinlanhospice.org or call 973-940-0411 and ask for me, Diana Sebzda.

    I also found this one book to very helpful, not only to me as a pet griever and grief professional, but for my clients as well – “Saying Goodbye to the Pet You Love” by Dr. Lorri Greene and Jacqueline Landis. One section is particularly helpful when they explain the different types of Pet Bonds that people may have and help explains why they might be grieving a certain way.

    Many people feel like their pets are their babies, their children, their best friends, and as such, it certainly would make sense to grieve that type of loss! With human loss we know that it helps the grieving process to cry about it and talk about it and even in those grieving situations grievers often do not feel supported, this can be felt more acutely when it’s a pet loss and people don’t understand the relationship we had with our pet. It’s so important to cry about it and talk about it.

    It’s so important to find support for your loss!

    My wish is for all grievers to be gentle with themselves and find what’s right for them to help them get through a difficult time.


    Diana Sebzda, MA, LPC, CT

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