New Training Game For Family and Dogs

With dogs, kids, running errands, and work, who has time anymore to train their dogs? We are all time crunched in our lives. When I came across this box game I was thrilled. It offered a fun and creative way to work in training our dogs ( or maintaining their skills) in a practical manner. I really love this box game for getting the kids motivated and involved with teaching and training dogs.   Basically, it is a deck of cards and one can be picked once a day, or a week, whichever works best for you. On each card is an instruction such as, “…ask your dog to sit 5 times today.” It also has some,  what I like to call, “good Karma cards”  like “…go through your dog toys and donate those you don’t use anymore to a shelter.

For those of you who live close, you can come on by here ( Animal Emergency & Referral Associates) and look through the deck of cards to see if this would be right for you and your family. It is in our lobby on a shelf for people to look through.  Or, perhaps after looking through it, it will inspire you to make your own deck of cards for training your dog.

If after reading this you know it would be a fun help, you can order it online at

…Could make a good stocking stuffer for your dog’s stocking 🙂

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  1. Thank you for the accolades Dr. Levine! I’m thrilled that you have found the Game to be rewarding and fun for you and your inquisitive canines. Here’s wishing you hours of enjoyment and canine good manners!

  2. Absolutely love it! Can’t wait to get a copy at my facility.

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