Is Your Cat Redesigning Your Furniture With His or Her Claws?

How do we love our cats? Let us count the ways…..

But, with most beings that we love, they can also do things that drive us CRAZY!!!!!

Here is what you need to know about cat scratching. Cats like different surfaces to scratch. Below is a list of some of the more common textures they enjoy scratching:

  • sisal
  • carpet
  • wood
  • cardboard

But nothing in life is simple. There are other factors at play for these frisky felines. When it comes to scratching posts, some like a vertical surface whereas others prefer horizontal surfaces. No doubt there are some cats who want both options depending on their mood.

Although these posts may not be the most beautiful of posts, there are posts that are much more “modern”. Simply do a search online.

Oh…one more thing- Placement! Where do we all put the scratching posts? Out of the way in the corner of the room. Guess where lots of cats want them? That’s right….. in the middle of all the action….exactly where your couch, chair etc….live.  Cats scratch to help maintain their nails and for marking.   These cats are not being spiteful and this makes sense when we think about it.  After all,  there is no need to leave a mark in an area that does not get a lot of foot traffic. Do you know any stores that have the name of their shop down the street from the actual store?

So what is a human to do? 

For starters, offer a post(s) that has a multitude of fabrics and has both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Next, place this near the area where your cat typically scratches. If he starts using it, you can slowly inch it over to a more aesthetically pleasing place in the room.

There are other strategies, other than declawing, to help deter scratching. Please talk to your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist.

For all of you who raise, foster, or breed kittens, the best way to teach a kitten to use a scratching post is to let them watch their mother! Please pass this piece of info on to any foster parent, breeder, or shelter you may know. You may just save a cat’s life!

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